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Laura & Nick at Akamba | May 2015

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11059485_838494266237849_5395710773516842818_oI knew Laura and Nick’s wedding was going to be epic when they gave me a flower brief of “fun and bright” and told me their reception venue was the African heritage centre, Akamba, in Shirley, Solihull. The cherry on top was their fantastic choice of photographer in Jordanna Marston.

The couple were completely open to flower varieties and pretty much gave me free rein design-wise, which as any florist will tell you, is the ultimate dream brief. To be trusted to completely do your thing is a rare and beautiful thing.

The result was a total riot of colour and texture, which complimented their fun personalities perfectly. Laura and Nick’s wedding is a great lesson in letting go, having fun and creating a ridiculously happy celebration for your loved ones. Just look at those smiles!

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