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By February 28, 2014 No Comments

Posted by Hannah.

Today we’re going to talk about ornamental grass and how bloody wonderful it is. I walk past a cluster at a neighbour’s house every single day and it takes a whole lot of will not to attack it with my secateurs and scamper off down the road. But I’ve brought some seeds to attempt to grow some at home instead (I’ll keep you posted).

The lovely fluffy texture of Pampas grass in particular is so unexpected and exciting in wedding flowers, you instantly want to touch and run your fingers through it. It gives great movement and height to large displays, and the colours are interesting too with dark brown and sand, beige, candy floss pink and moody mauve. We’re looking forward to discussing ideas for using different grasses with brides up for trying something really unique for their wedding flowers. Are you a fan? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Wedding Florist Ornamental Grass

Wedding Florist Ornamental Grass