Wedding flowers 101 | Show some love for succulents

By January 24, 2014 No Comments
Posted by Melissa

We’re really excited about succulents at the moment, in fact they’ve become one of our favourite ingredients to use in arrangements. Our first use in wedding flowers was Hannah’s own bouquet (up top there in the header) and now we can’t get enough. We particularly love the Echeveria variety (below, left) and as we mentioned in the last Wedding Flowers 101 post about foliage, it too is wonderfully versatile for incorporating into buttonholes, bouquets, table arrangements and much more.

Succulents Wedding FlowersSource unknown / Source

What we really like about using succulents in bouquets and table arrangements, aside from their interesting shapes and texture, is their sustainability. When you are finished with them, you can simply plant them back into a pot or terranium and they will soon take root. This makes them super appealing to eco conscious brides and those of us who want to keep a lasting memory of our special day. For the same reason, these curious and charming little fellas – also called ‘fat plants’ – are an increasingly popular choice for favours too.

Succulents Wedding FlowersSource / Source

Unfortunately, we’ve heard from a few of our brides that some florists seem reluctant to use succulents because they can be trickier to work with than cut flowers, as they are often quite heavy and can come with short stems. But we love a challenge here at BLOOM and we’re devising all kinds of creative ways to weave these little wonders into our work this year.

And wedding talk aside, we adore the delicious array of colours and shapes to choose from and they look dreamy in terrariums and little tin cans dotted around the house.